About Us

  Located approximately 15 miles north of Wilmington, NC on 411 acres, Shingleton Farms is a full service Equestrian Resort. We offer a fully equipped barn 40 spacious stalls, 150' x 300' lighted arena, round-pens, miles of beautiful pristine trails, camping, bath house, shaded picnic area and much more.
Our staff members are true experts in their field, offering an exceptional level of knowledge and experience that we here at Shingleton Farms are very proud of. 


History Back in the mid-1800's

Shingleton Farms has a rich history in Pender County dating back to the mid-1800's. Six generations of Shingletons have shared in its rich history. For most of its existence it has been a working farm. It not only provided a living, but was a place to hunt, camp, and enjoy great outdoors.  

 We at Shingleton Farms want to honor and preserve this beautiful land and its rich history, with new vision that will take us into the new generation. Shingleton Farms opened for borders on September 1st, 2004, and we continue to build, improve and expand our goal of being the ultimate facility around. 


Mission Statement

Our Threefold  Mission

We acknowledge our stewardship to this farm and the trust that we've been given. We accept the charge to preserve, protect and promote the history, heritage and linage of six generations tied to this land.

It is our promise to provide exceptional care to every horse that calls this farm home. We are committed to offering a level of excellence by meeting not only medical and nutritional needs, but also housing, spacious pastures and comfort in general.

When you come you will know that you are important
to us and you will feel both retreat and escape as you enjoy seclusion, spaciousness, nature and
"How it used to be".

Our facility will please you and our people will spoil you.