Dixie Brand Firewood

Shingleton Farms is located in Hampstead, NC, just North of Wilmington.
For the past 23 years we have been dependable suppliers of packaged firewood for North and South Carolina. We deliver within a radius of 150 miles of Hampstead. Although most of our sales are direct store delivery, there are some sales that are FOB our warehouse in Hampstead.


Our seasoned hardwood mix is securely wrapped with
strech wrap and has a convenient carrying handle.
Each bundle includes a product description flyer with barcode.
Our bundles are .75 cu.ft. in measurement.

Our customer list continues to grow from year to year and now includes
Lowes Food,
Pantry- Kangaroo, Harris Teeter,
Circle K,
Macaroni Grill
and numerous smaller hardware and convenient stores

Our tractor trailer rigs are all single axle for easy access delivery in close quarters and carry 1,225 bundles per trip.
For our restaurant customers, we provide specifically selected hardwoods on palletized cubes with a minimum order of 4 cubes per delivery
We are loyal to our customers and always see that we meet their needs first before extending ourselves to new customers.

"We take care of our people" 


This is a simple product that is not Rocket Science.
It is our service that really identifies us and separates us from so many others. 


We welcome inquiries from new accounts
but promise as well that we will be honest and
realistic about our capabilities. 

Please contact Farnell Shingleton
Shingleton Farms

(910) 619-7104


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